Learn About Potential Dental Issues And Your Dog

18 April 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If your dog has seriously bad breath, you may think this is a normal thing. Considering some of the things your dog licks and eats, it's easy to assume they are going to have bad breath. However, very bad breath that is a constant thing in your dog usually means there is an underlying problem. If ignored, dental issues that are causing your dog's bad breath can spell big trouble. Your dog can be susceptible to a lot of the same types of dental issues that affect humans. You'll learn about some problems their teeth can have and what the problems can lead to just below.

Your dog can have cavities

It can be easy for your dog to have a cavity without you knowing. Not only do most people not make an effort to look at all of their dog's teeth, but seeing all the teeth is difficult due to the number of teeth they have, to the shape of their muzzle, and the amount of fighting they do when you try to open their mouth's and look inside. The problem with one ignored cavity is that a cavity in one tooth will generally cause cavities in the teeth next to it, and so on. This is why many dog owners are surprised when they take their dogs into the vet and learn that many of their teeth in a row need to be extracted.

Your dog can have periodontal disease

Just like humans, periodontal disease starts as gum disease and turns into periodontal disease once it has been ignored. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that comes in plaque. Regular tooth brushing and trips to the vet for professional cleanings can prevent this issue. When this issue goes ignored, your dog can start having infections, and they will begin to have problems with their gums that lead to the loss of teeth.

Your dog can have periodontitis

When the bacteria from plaque makes its way under your dog's gum line, it can secrete substances that are toxic and can cause extreme damage to the tissues of their gums. The biggest concern with your dog having periodontitis is that the bacteria from it can cause your dog's immune system to become stimulated, and this can be a major issue. Once the periodontitis stimulates the immune system, your dog's white blood cells and other chemical reactors will be released. This brings a problem to your dog's soft tissue as well as the jawbone.

Get your dog in as soon as you think there is a problem

If you have been neglecting your dog's dental care up to this point, you want to start with a trip to the vet hospital for a good cleaning. Following a good cleaning, begin brushing your dog's teeth each night. If you notice your dog has suddenly stopped eating and they are acting sick or in pain, then you want to take them in to see the vet right away. If this occurs on the weekend, over a holiday, or when most vets are closed, then you want to take them into an emergency vet.