Learn About Potential Dental Issues And Your Dog

18 April 2019
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If your dog has seriously bad breath, you may think this is a normal thing. Considering some of the things your dog licks and eats, it's easy to assume they are going to have bad breath. However, very bad breath that is a constant thing in your dog usually means there is an underlying problem. If ignored, dental issues that are causing your dog's bad breath can spell big trouble. Your dog can be susceptible to a lot of the same types of dental issues that affect humans. Read More 

The 3 Options For Housing Your Dog During A Long Vacation

24 November 2018
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If you are taking a long vacation this year and are trying to figure out where to house your dog during the few weeks you will be out of town, then you have three options to choose from:  Option #1: Board In Your Own Home with a Pet Sitter Your dog will be the most comfortable if they are cared for in your own home by a pet sitter. Just like their humans, dogs are creatures of habit and prefer being in their own environment. Read More 

Three Ways Regular Pet Groomings Can Protect Your Cat’s Health

26 June 2018
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Getting your pet groomed might seem like something that's a bit extravagant or unnecessary, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Whether your cat has short hair or long hair or is big or small, getting regular grooming treatments for your cat could protect their well-being. Read on to discover the three ways neglecting regular grooming can harm your kitty. Gastrointestinal Blockages When your cat swallows its own fur, it doesn't just exit the body readily on its own. Read More 

A Very Anxious Animal: 3 Ways To Get Your Uncooperative Dog To Finally Accept Going To The Vet

19 March 2018
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Taking your dog to the animal hospital is part of life, be it for an annual checkup or a sudden and urgent situation, but when your pooch is paranoid of going, these visits can be chaotic or even dangerous. Both small and large breeds can nip or bite painfully at people or resist strongly enough to harm themselves, creating a very frustrating situation for you. You do have options; however, and they don't have to be forceful and imposing. Read More 

Three Keys For Owning Reptiles

18 October 2017
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If you'd like to get the most out of owning a pet reptile, there are a few tips you'll want to handle. Since pet stores have a number of different reptiles for sale, you'll be in a great position to enjoy having these pets when you use the right tools. By reaching out to a quality pet shop and following these tips below, you'll be in great hands: #1: Figure out what kind of reptile you want Read More