Notice Your Dog Has A Dull Coat? 3 Services Your Vet Can Help With

5 January 2018
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If you've noticed that your dog's coat isn't as shiny as it used to be, there could be a number of different culprits causing the problem. If your dog seems to be as active and healthy as before, it can be difficult to diagnose what the problem is without visiting a veterinarian. By visiting the vet, you can get familiar with the following services and the impact that they can make for your dog.

Get Recommendations for Better Food

One of the ways that your vet can help get your dog's coat in better condition is give you recommendations for a new food. In some cases, your dog's diet may be causing dry skin and dull fur, leading to them not looking their best. Asking about the kinds of food available can help you find formulas that can be much better for keeping your dog's coat in the best condition.

In some cases, you may even need to be given a prescription dog food to reduce dullness and other issues for your dog's coat.

Be Advised About Supplements

Along with being directed towards a new food for your dog, you may want to get familiar with supplements that can make a positive improvement for your dog. Supplements can come in either liquid, powder, or pill form and can allow you to make your dog's coat and skin much healthier.

Visiting the vet for their advice can help you get directed towards the best supplements and what will be the best fit for your dog to fix any issues with their coat.

Check for Any Health Issues Leading to Dull Fur

The best reason to visit a vet when you notice a change in the condition of your dog's coat is to make sure there are no underlying health issues that could be leading to the difference in their fur. Many people make the mistake of trying to fix the dull fur on their own, leading to them not finding potential health issues that could be the real culprit.

Whether you've noticed that your dog is scratching more, has dull fur, or patchy spots, it's vital to visit a veterinarian that has experience with treating these kinds of skin and hair problems. With the above services in mind, you'll be able to get your dog's fur in the best condition again and make sure that there are no major health issues that could be causing trouble for your dog. Contact a clinic, like 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, for more help.