Why You Should Spay Your Kitten

4 October 2017
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If you have recently brought home a female kitten, then you want to take t to the vet so it can be checked over to make sure it is healthy. You will also want to get the kitten its shots and have it fixed. The process of fixing a female cat is referred to as "spaying" whereas the process for fixing a male cat is referred to as "neutering". To better understand some of the reasons why you should really consider spaying your cat, read the following information:

You won't be adding to the overpopulation of cats

There are so many cats that many of them don't even have homes. Nearly every neighborhood has its areas where feral cats reside. Feral cats are cats that haven't had any, or have had extremely limited, contact with humans. This makes them become wild. Once a kitten goes so long without human contact, it will also become feral, just as its mother is. These cats generally cannot be homed because they don't do well.

Along with many feral cats, there are also an abundance of cats that are tame but are still strays. A stray is a cat that may have once been a pet but now has no owners. Strays tend to survive by eating out of trash cans, out of cat food bowls left outside, and sometimes by learning to hunt. By spaying your cat you will be making sure that none of your cat's kittens end up adding to the number of strays or feral cats.

Your cat will be more content to stay indoors

When you own a cat as a family pet, it's a good idea to keep it as an indoor cat. The reason for this is indoor cats generally stay safer, have a decreased chance of getting sick and won't end up getting lost. When a cat isn't spayed, it will come into heat and have a strong desire to breed with a male cat. The cat will do everything it can to get outside to find a mate to breed with. Once outside, your cat will more than likely wander on its quest to breed and it may not find its way back home, or it may become injured along the way. Spaying your cat can prevent this from happening because your cat will be content year-round when it comes to staying inside.

Your cat won't become destructive and obnoxious

When a female cat comes into heat, it may also tear apart your screens on the doors and windows trying to get out. It can also spray on things and may have a very loud meow that is almost continuous and can be very nerve-racking. 

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