Grooming Tips For Your Dog

18 July 2017
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Your dog needs a lot of love, attention and exercise, but he also needs you to groom him properly. He may do some of the work sometimes, but his nails need clipped, his ears need cleaned and he will need a bath here and there to keep his coat shiny, prevent him from smelling and to remove dirt on his skin. Grooming your dog doesn't always require you to take him to a groomers, or to the veterinarian clinic, these are things you can do at home. See below for some grooming tips.


Inside or Outside

​Bathing your dog can be done inside or outside. If you have a small dog, it may be easy to bathe your dog inside the house, but if you have a larger breed dog, making him stay in a bathtub or shower may be more difficult. It may be easier for you to take your large breed dog outside instead. If your dog is outside, use a leash attached to a tree or other sturdy object (especially if your dog is not thrilled about getting a bath) to help keep your dog in one spot.

Get The Right Suds

Your dog requires a dog shampoo, so don't try to use your shampoo and conditioner on your furry pup. Use a shampoo that is right for your dog. If your dog has been itching, use a shampoo that contains oatmeal. If he has been itching due to fleas, use a shampoo that helps get rid of fleas. Look at your local pet store or big box store for dog shampoo that is right for your pup. Get your dog wet with water, then apply the shampoo to your hands. Create a lather, then apply to your dog. Make sure to be careful around his face, ears and eyes.

Cleaning Ears

After a bath, your dog may need his ears to be dried out. Flip his ears up to help the inside dry, as he is susceptible to getting an infection if it doesn't dry properly. Clean his ears using a cotton ball soaked in vinegar. Rub the inside of the ear with the cotton ball to remove dirt and wax. Don't try to reach in too far, as you can injure or irritate your dog's ear.

Clipping Nails

Your dog's nails need to be clipped at least once per month, or less often depending on your dog. You can clip his nails at home with the right pair of nail clippers. You'll need a sharp pair of clippers, which can be found at your local pet store. Squeeze your dog's paw to get the nail to come out as far as possible, then hold the clippers at an angle so the top of the nail is longer than the bottom of the nail. Be sure to only clip the tip, and not the kwik, or you'll cause bleeding, which can be severe in some cases. If you clip too much, create a paste using baking soda and water. Apply it to the nail to help stop the bleeding. If you aren't sure about clipping your dog's nails yourself, take him to your veterinarian or groomer for help with this task.

Your dog requires love and attention, but don't forget about grooming him properly as well. He will appreciate being clean and love the extra attention from you.

For more information, reach out to a professional clinic, such as Evergreen Veterinary Clinic.