Just Moved To The Desert With Your Dog? 3 Ways A Visit To The Vet Can Help

12 July 2017
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

Living in the desert can be fantastic since the hot, dry weather can be good for your well being, but it does come with some concerns as a pet owner. If you have a dog and are moving to the desert for the first time, it's vital that you look into what steps you can take to ensure that your dog is going to be safe when spending time outdoors. If you're feeling uncertain of what you can do to ensure that your dog is comfortable, consider visiting the veterinarian to help you get your dog situated in your new town.

Get Advice on Keeping Your Dog Cool

Keeping your dog cool can be tough if you've never lived in the desert before and want to be sure that they are comfortable. Visiting the vet can help you get some advice from an experienced professional that can give you some insight on what you can do. From adding more shade to your backyard to taking care to limit walks to early in the morning or in the evening, there are several changes you can make to ensure that your dog doesn't become too hot in the desert heat.

Make Sure You Have Proper Licensing and Vaccines

One of the most vital things that you'll need to do to ensure that your dog will be comfortable once you arrive in your new home is to get the proper licensing and vaccines needed. Most cities require a specific set of licenses and vaccines, making it important that you bring your dog to the vet as soon as possible. Along with the legal obligations regarding licensing and vaccines, they can also be needed to allow you to bring your dog to a dog park and the vaccines for preventing local diseases.

Ask for Grooming Advice for the Heat

If your dog has longer fur, it becomes so important that you check with whether your dog should have their fur trimmed. Many people don't realize that their dog's fur could lead to heatstroke when spending a lot of time outside in the desert, making a proper haircut vital after moving. Visiting the vet and getting advice on what haircut to get can also help ensure that you don't pick a haircut that will lead to a sunburn or patchy spots later.

Scheduling a visit to the vet or animal hospital can make a big impact in how confident you feel about your dog being happy at your new home.