Concerned About Your Cat After A Rough Fall? 3 Signs You Need To Bring Them To A Vet

15 June 2017
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

While cats are typically very agile and able to hop down from great heights without any issues, there's always the chance that they could hurt themselves. While you may have had confidence in your cat getting down from a tall height, it's important that you look into whether they are still in good health if they fall. Cats are very good at disguising if they are injured, making it important that you take a close look to see if your cat is injured. If you see any of the following signs in your cat, it may be time to visit the vet with your cat.

Any Signs of Limping

The most concerning symptom that your cat may need a trip to the vet after falling is if they are limping. It can be especially upsetting if your cat is injured from a fall and is limping around the home. Luckily, if you see any signs of limping, it will be more apparent to you that a trip to the vet should be scheduled. Taking a good look at each one of your cat's legs as they walk around after the fall can help you get an idea of whether they are limping and are potentially injured.

Sudden Change in Behavior

If you notice that your cat is behaving any differently, it could be a sign that they are injured and that a trip to the vet should be made. An example to consider is if they are eating less food or sleeping more. Since cats are often quite good at hiding an injury, it's important that you pick up on any sudden changes in behavior. If your cat is acting any differently than their usual self, it's vital that you bring your cat to the vet for a visit so that they can check if they're doing okay.

Hissing When Touching Their Body

While your cat may not be physically showing that they're in pain and may seem in good spirits altogether, it's vital that you check if they seem in good health when you touch them. Simply petting your cat and checking the different parts of their body can help you assess whether they are injured at all since your cat will likely react with a hiss or even a scratch if you touch a sensitive part.

Taking good care of your cat is often about making sure that they are in good health, especially if there's a chance that they may have been injured. With the above steps taken, you can decide if you cat should be taken to the vet.