The 3 Options For Housing Your Dog During A Long Vacation

24 November 2018
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If you are taking a long vacation this year and are trying to figure out where to house your dog during the few weeks you will be out of town, then you have three options to choose from: 

Option #1: Board In Your Own Home with a Pet Sitter

Your dog will be the most comfortable if they are cared for in your own home by a pet sitter. Just like their humans, dogs are creatures of habit and prefer being in their own environment.

Ideally, you will have a dog-loving friend or relative who would be happy to come to stay with your dog. If not, you can find high-quality pet sitters by:

  • speaking to other dog parents at your local dog park
  • checking online pet caregiver websites
  • asking other pet owners for recommendations

Once you choose someone, make sure you have a backup plan in case they have an emergency and become unavailable at the last minute.

Option #2: Board at a Dog-Loving Friend or Family Member's House

If you have a friend or family member who loves your dog but who isn't available to come and stay at your house, ask if they are willing to care for them in their own home. As long as they have a safe place for your dog and your dog likes them, then this can be a great option.

Option #3: A Professional Dog Boarding Kennel

If you don't like the idea of someone staying in your home and don't have any friends or family members appropriate to leave your dog with, then boarding in a professional kennel is an excellent option. Professional boarders are experts in dog care and you will be assured your dog is well cared for by professionals during your absence.

Help Your Dog Adjust to Their Vacation Experience Before You Leave

It is important to note that wherever you choose to house your dog during your long vacation, you must help your dog adjust during the weeks before you leave. Your dog will be a lot happier with the situation if they have previously visited the boarding kennel or other person's house and have met their temporary caregivers. 

In fact, if you slowly build up to leaving them at an alternative location or in your home with their new pet sitter with shorter visits, your dog will feel a lot more secure and happy when the time comes for your vacation.

Finally, armed with the knowledge your dog is safe and happy, you can then go have an amazing vacation!

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